Accessing Proctology Services in Goldsboro NC

Dating back to 1798, the City of Goldsboro NC has a long history of being one of the preferred places to live in North Carolina. Developed around the county courthouse, Goldsboro has a population of just over 13,000 residents. Many of the people of the area travel the 53 miles to Raleigh NC to access medical care such as proctology services. Goldsboro NC’s fairly small community is fortunate to have easy access to the Triangle Cities.

Offering Proctology Services to Goldsboro NC Residents

Saleeby and Wessels Proctology was founded almost 60 years ago by Dr. Richard Saleeby, Snr., for the purpose of providing compassionate care and understanding for residents of the area. Dr. Saleeby noticed the number of patients who suffered from preventable anorectal conditions such as abscesses, anal fistulas and anal dermatitis. As a medical professional, he undertook to create a practice to help patients address these problems.

Diagnostic Services

Whether you need diagnosis for a particular anorectal concern or just want to schedule a screening for peace of mind, Saleeby and Wessels has the facilities to conduct the necessary tests. These include:

  • Screening colonoscopy, which tests for polyps in the colon or the presence of colorectal concer. This is part of preventive care, which can greatly improve your chances of a cure by catching signs of the disease early. The procedure is covered by most insurance companies without a copay or deductible.
  • Diagnostic colonoscopy, which is used to identify bowel or abdominal issues that are causing pain, diarrhea or blood in the patient’s stool.
  • Flexible sigmoidoscopy, which uses a camera on the end of a narrow tube to identify swollen tissue, ulcers or polyps in the lower colon and rectum.

We also offer a range of tests for colorectal cancer, such as a stool test and a double contrast barium enema.

Treatment Protocols

After a patient has been diagnosed, our proctology services in Goldsboro NC offer a range of treatments designed to provide you with the care you need in the most comfortable way possible. We try at all times to first use the lease invasive method of treatment, and many conditions can be managed on an out-patient basis. Usually, care begins with identifying any diet and lifestyle changes that will provide you with relief, along with the use of topical medications where applicable.

Surgical Options

In some cases surgery is required to bring relief from the condition. These include:

  • Anal abscesses, which may need to be drained
  • Anal fistula, which needs to be drained and repaired
  • Hemorrhoids, which occasionally require surgery to excise them followed by suturing of the wound.

Both Dr. Richard Saleeby, Jr. and Dr. Frank Wessels are board-certified colorectal surgery Fellows with many years’ experience in caring for patients with proctology conditions. Together with our qualified staff team they aim to eliminate embarrassment and discomfort and treat your condition with personalized care at all times.