Let our Proctologists in Cary NC Provide the Care You Need

Located in Wake County, you’ll find the town of Cary, NC located near the state’s research triangle, one of the biggest research parks in the world. With a population of just about 150,000 it isn’t large, but the residents are educated and prosperous and the crime rate is low. What’s also low is the number of proctologists in Cary NC, which is serviced by our practice located just 12 miles away in Raleigh.

Our Services

At Saleeby and Wessels we offer a range of colorectal services to patients, including:

  • Diagnostic colonoscopies
  • Flexible sigmoidoscopies
  • Polypectomy
  • Evaluation and management of anorectal disorders
  • Screening for colorectal cancer
  • Surgery for anorectal conditions when required.

As leading proctologists in Cary NC, we evaluate symptoms and treat patients diagnosed with various anal conditions with compassion and understanding.

How We Operate

We have a mission and vision to provide personal, customized care for your proctology needs, and our skilled team are fully trained and knowledgeable about anorectal conditions. Whether you need in-office treatment for hemorrhoids or surgery for an anal fistula, you can expect your experience to be as comfortable as possible.

Conditions We Treat

Some of the colorectal conditions we treat include those that can be managed on an outpatient basis, such as pelvic floor dysfunction. This is a condition that causes the patient to have difficulty evacuating the bowel, mainly as a result of the pelvic floor muscles contracting instead of relaxing. This results in chronic constipation, fecal incontinence and a sensation of incomplete evacuation.

Our proctologists in Cary NC diagnose this condition by taking a history of the patient’s symptoms and examining issues such as past stress and trauma that may be contributing factors. The patient undergoes X-rays following an enema to highlight the movement of the muscles in the rectum, which shows whether they are not functioning correctly and preventing the passing of the stool.

Typically, we treat pelvic floor dysfunction with a special form of physical therapy called biofeedback. This helps to improve sensation in the patient’s rectal area as well as the coordination of the pelvic floor muscles, and is successful in around 75% of cases.

Background History

Saleeby and Wessels opened in 1955, when Dr. Richard Saleeby, Sr. recognized the overwhelming demand for skilled, capable proctologists in Cary NC and the surrounding areas. As a board-certified colon and rectal surgeon, Dr. Saleeby, Sr. has a personal calling to bring relief to patients suffering from pain, bleeding and itching caused by treatable conditions. He was joined by his son, Dr. Richard Saleeby, Jr. in 1990 and by Dr. Frank Wessels in 2006. Both are colon and rectal surgery Fellows with extensive experience in managing anorectal conditions.

Receive the very best treatment and care for all your anorectal conditions from our experienced proctologists in Cary NC.