Our Patient First Approach

Since 1955, when Dr. Richard Saleeby, Sr. founded the practice, our mission has been to provide diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the colon, rectum and anus with a Patient First approach by focusing on the ideals of private practice medicine and providing a valuable service to the the patient.

Dignity & Respect


Board Certified

We understand that you might be embarrassed by your condition and that this embarrassment may lead you to avoid or postpone treatment. At Saleeby & Wessels Proctology, we have put this understanding into all aspects of our practice and your care.  From start to finish, we are here to be an asset to your health and wellbeing in an environment designed to treat you with dignity and respect in the least invasive manner possible that gets you on the road to recovery the quickest.

As in any specialization, the more you do, the better you perform. Proctology is all we do and all we’ve ever done. We understand just how much colorectal and anorectal health problems can negatively impact your life. Our friendly, caring and highly experienced staff will put you at ease. Our office is a safe place where you can ask questions and get thoughtful answers while maintaining your privacy.

All of the staff takes pride in living our mission from the very first phone call to schedule a visit through performing any necessary procedures. Unlike most colorectal physicians, we only focus on anorectal disorders and have been successfully treating patients for the past fifty (50) years in this area of practice.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide the most current medical information and treatment options for a wide range of colorectal and anorectal medical issues. In an effort to make sure that our patients are receiving the best care, we keep up with current technology, techniques and treatments to help relieve patients of their medical concerns.

Whenever possible, we look for surgery-free alternatives to treat our patients. However, should the need for surgery arise, you can be confident in our surgical skills.  Both Dr. Richard Saleeby, Jr. and Dr. Frank Wessels are board certified by the American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery (ABCRS). This means that our surgeons are trained in specialized surgical methods and approaches to anorectal and colorectal care.

You can trust us to help you find answers and solutions for your anorectal and colorectal health problems in the best possible way.